18 Wheels of Steel Haulin 1.6

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18 Wheels of Steel: Haulin’ 1.6


You always have a truck in your dreams, and you take the mountains and the hills and load them. If you can’t really get something like this, this is a perfect game and more …
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Gigabyter games full of data and their new hosts DVDs yok No need to go too far, until last year the games were usually released in two CDs. Gradually increasing the number of CD solution was provided with cheaper DVD media. 3-4 Gb games circulating on the border began to look as big as before. There is only one production that has resisted the increasing data size over the years and persistently tried to prove that it wasn’t the size of the game: 18 Wheels of Steel, also known as Hard Truck.

Not the magic of the game

18 Wheels of Steel does not break the tradition and comes out as the least data game of its time. 90-150Mb in the latest version of the Haulin 350Mb comes up. As usual, the goal of our game is the same: Freight transport. In Haulin, we load the cargo we want between our states to our truck and try to transport it to its place. In an innovation in construction, in general, cargos are no longer time-limited. I remember that in previous versions I was panicked on the one hand, and on the other hand, I calculated whether I could deliver the cargo on time with activities such as sleep, break, gasoline. In the previous games, an outbreak was erupting at this point. Especially if you try to wait in all of the red lights that you often see in places like the city, the cargo never grows on time.

Soup money?

One of the highlights of the new construction is the sensitivity you have to show to the traffic rules. Because the cops aren’t as loose as before. The gasoline indicator on the top of the screen was removed and replaced by the police. We must pay attention to traffic rules and lights, use the direction indicators and avoid hitting cars. Every rule that you do not follow makes you more searchable by the police. You’re also nailed when the police pass by. If your offense is reasonable, you can sometimes get off the hook by warning, and if your outburst is extreme, you may be sentenced to pay a large amount of fines.

Hike to gasoline again

Speaking of petrol gauges … The display has not been removed completely, but has been made visible in the bumper camera mode. Over time, gasoline is running low and we have to stop by the gas station. So we need to see our need for gasoline. One of the features that have played the series since the Hard Truck is the small details. As in the case of gasoline reduction; party side gasoline search, we have to run the wipers when it rains, engine brake, selector, signal, and details such as the use of 4-skipped details in most games. I do not stubbornly operate the wipers and go blind; When the fuel is over, the gas station is looking for gasoline to go downhill to avoid wasting gears or shutting down the engine, for example, I guess you can’t find any other game.

The same bowl

Although the production has its own characteristics, it cannot stop at some points. Haulinde continues to be very good, especially in the last few versions of truck and trailer graphics, but not paying attention to environmental modeling and graphics. This may be due to the fact that the roads that were slaughtered were too long. Because it usually takes too long to move from one state to another. So long paths and good modeling of the environment would make the construction probably 3.5Gb, not 350Mb. I guess it would not be possible to play the entire map with a single loading screen. Except for the small touches on the trucks, the interface has been renewed in construction. You can control everything by placing the main menus, many details are made accessible from a single screen.

The servants go, sick to the road posture

The 18 Wheels of Steeller, which is introduced every year with the plus and minus, keeps us on the screen for a while. Even though I’m the one who loves the series, you don’t play after a while. The biggest reason for this is getting started to get bored with the shaking of the steering wheel for long hours. When you say steering wheel shake … Perhaps the best steering game is the Hard Truck and 18 Wheels of Steel series. In most racing games, steering is not preferred because the steering cannot react as fast as the keyboard. Of course, in a production like 18 Wheels of Steel where we use heavy trucks and trucks, instead of reacting quickly, leaning on the seat and slowly waving the steering wheel on the ramp gives you more pleasure than playing with the keyboard. It’s time to take your steering wheels off the dusty shelves again.


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