Bombom 2

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Bombom is a cute online game, you can play it just by registering without the need to download the game. This browser game, popularized as DDTank abroad, attracts the attention of gamers.

You can fight against different players in the game. Simple keyboard system makes it easier to play and enjoy the game.

With its cute lines, stories, fairy-tale scenes and fashion outfits, Bombom has attracted a lot of attention of women and has managed to become the focus of men with special skill effects and battle scenes.

Fairy-tale scenes: The game consists of cartoon characters with big heads and tiny body characters.

Battle scenes: Comes with BOSS battles that excite people with all sorts of battles, get ready to beat your opponent!

Sound effects: The first online game that creates background music while fighting. It gives you more fun with relaxing music and funny sound effects.

Fashion clothes: Thousands of hats, eyes, clothing and facial expression offers you the possibility to choose. It allows you to create yourself in the game.

Special battle effects: Get rid of your mind with different weapons and attack effects. You want to use an ax of the stone age, here! Or is it a modern ball, it’s here! Or an ultra-modern electric weapon, here he is! The variety of accessories you can find in the shopping center makes the game more enjoyable.

Character creation: After registering in the game, you can create characters by entering the character interface. There are two types of cards to choose from, either girls or boys. You can examine the character in large size by clicking on the card.


After entering the game you will be redirected to the homepage. Each section on the homepage has a different purpose.

Game room: It is the part where the basic activities take place in the game, all kinds of wars are entered here.

Shopping center: Here you can find all kinds of weapons, equipment, accessories and beauty items.

Marriage Department: A wedding hall where lovers unite their lives.

Unity Club: If you want to establish unity here, you can join any unity. All kinds of transactions related to the Union are made here.

Honor List: All personal rankings and unity rankings are posted here.

Demirci Atelier: Strengthening, synthesis, fusion and quality transfer operations are performed here.

Auction Market: Everything you have auctioned can be found here.

Friendship Center: The player can register his personal information and show his character in the game. He can also meet other friends and make friends.

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The way to become a master is to become a good apprentice, but if you learn the basic techniques very well, you can become a master.

A skilled craftsman should be familiar with the basic techniques and know how to act in every situation. If you’ve studied the drills well, let’s try what you can do.

Screen distance calculation:

To calculate the distance to the enemy, use the mouse to drag the white box to the center of the character point. The distance from the right to the left of the white box is 10. If the distance exceeds 10, you can calculate the position of 10 by dragging the white box here. The sum of the two calculations is the distance.

Knowing the distance to the enemy and acting on it before making a powerful attack is the first thing a master can do.

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Marriage proposal

If you believe you’ve found the right person, you can get a single stone from the mall for 999 coupons, and propose to your loved one.

What you should be aware of is that the other party is not married. If your offer is successful, you can get married, and if your offer is unsuccessful, you will receive a good person card, which you can turn into an award for the iyi good person award görev.

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The advantage of marriage

After you get married, you will have both a partner to shoulder in wars and a person to lean on, as well as other things you will have:

A romantic wedding ring with strong qualities, this fusionable ring has 20 attacks, 10 defenses, 10 chances and 10 agility.
After marriage, the spouses can go to war together and also gain 1.2 experience additions.
After marriage, they can have special tasks and rewards for spouses updated daily, and couples earn rich rewards from these tasks they complete together.
What do you still expect when you have so many opportunities?


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