Calibre 4.3.0

Caliber 4.3.0

Caliber is a very good e-book manager for modern bookworms using tablets and readers. Caliber not only provides useful tools for viewing, editing and converting digital books, but also allows you to create books from content provided by RSS feeds.
caliberManaging books is like working with a typical multimedia library. Files containing books in PDF, RTF, ePub, FB2, LIT, MOBI, PDB, TXT, and many other formats are added to the collection they can view (copied to a computer disk) (authors, publishers, ratings, titles, or cycles), and edit the metadata in one of the supported formats convert. Note the advanced conversion options for this program. We can configure the appearance of output documents, define the font size, and select the target image size of the electronic reader from which the book is prepared. It is also possible to analyze the structure of the document and provide an elegant division into chapters, automatically creating a table of contents and an intuitive analysis of the text. combine formatting (removing blank lines between paragraphs, wrap the lines correctly, remove the unnecessary lines left after moving words, etc.), and define your own metadata reading patterns by file name during import. The program uses expressions to analyze and define formatting.

Caliber is not just an e-book reader, because it is a rare feature in such programs – it is an RSS reader. Caliber is capable of downloading articles once a day from a defined source list and then exporting them to a “digestible” document for your reader or tablet, which can then be read without an internet connection. At the beginning of the document there is a summary that at first glance it is no different from the content provided by the RSS reader. The article titles contain links to relevant pages in the document that contain the full versions of the text.

Typically, the quality of the displayed fonts can be improved by using Microsoft ClearType Tuner.



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