doPDF – Print as PDF Program

doPDF – Print as PDF Program

Nowadays, you will be able to create PDF files that become one of the must-have file extensions in our business life such as Word and Excel. What do we do with doPDF, a free pdf converter program, and most importantly, how do we install and use them together with the order.

Dopdf is a program that Softland company has been developing since 2006 and it makes it easy to translate files into pdf. As in the business world, home users too prefer the DOPDF program supports all operating systems including Windows server. In addition to free use of corporate and personal use, the program, developed in Turkish, offers 32-bit and 64-bit support. If you say you want to use in different languages, not Turkish, doPDF 20 also contains different language support. When you print your files as PDF files from 72 dpi to 2400 dpi high resolution, do pdf 8.9 version is waiting for us.

How to use doPDf

There are 2 different ways to convert your Microsoft Office or text files into PDF using dopdf. The first of these and my most preferable method, for example, you have an Excel or Word file, let’s open it, then print as if you are sending output to the printer, let’s choose doPDF from the printers section, then press the print button.

In the print screen, you can choose the high quality quality or high quality quality of the pdf, choose the resolution and choose what happens after the recording. OK, let’s confirm the process here and now it is possible to convert or print the files in pdf.

DoPDF files with the second method of translating as PDF files open the interface of the program to use the Select file section. Here we select the file you want to translate into pdf as a PDF file, then click Create button to start the process as we shared the screenshot above the same screen will be opened again by making the necessary settings and we will be able to create pdf by pressing the OK button.

doPDF settings

The doPDF 8 has a set of settings that can be applied to all standard files. To open them, we should run the “doPDF 8 Getting Started” shortcut after installation. In the Settings section, you can change the page sizes to A4 / A5 and so on. we can edit, scale, or print pages horizontally or vertically. I recommend that you do not change the settings here as far as possible, otherwise you may experience problems with the file you converted to pdf.


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