Drakensang Online

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The legend of Drakensang is now online

The ancient creatures, which re-emerged from the shadow of the past, are scattering, and the dragon of the Ander world is gaining strength. Become a sorcerer or warrior and join this awesome epic challenge to protect humanity.

This fantasy RPG will take you to a spectacular 3D world. Prepare to fight alone or with other players. Use all your strength and defeat the creatures of the Ander world.

Drakensang Online is the first online game of the legend of Drakensang. Become a hero and protect humanity from the dangers of the Ander world.

Drakensang Online

Prepare for Drakensang Online:

Fantastic effects and spectacular 3D graphics in your browser
Epic story with many missions
Different regions full of wild monsters
Become a magician or warrior in Drakensang Online, learn various skills, play with or against thousands of players.
Take on a lot of weapons, armor and anything else you need.


Wizard of the Circle, Dragon Warrior

Drakensang Online


Witches, Swamp creature, Little dragon, Nefertari cultists, Grimling, Dragon Cub, Horned decoy, High priestess Khalys


Clara Lectura, Runa Freygard, Alan, King Harold

Drakensang World
In this mystical world full of danger and miracles, the already forgotten ancient creatures escape the shadow of the past and begin to reappear. They witnessed mankind’s conquest, endangered extinction, and were forced to flee. Their world was shattered and a new empire was born. But time actually tore this scheme expected to last forever. He gained a dark cult of power and released the oldest enemy of man:

Dragon. The dragon full of anger is waging war on the world after more than two thousand years. A new era is beginning, and there is a need for heroes to fight for human survival.

Drakensang Online

Grimmagsto to
The road to Grimmagstone is even older than the empire itself. When the empire was founded more than two thousand years ago, a sorcerer of the first circle was buried deep in the earth. This is a holy pilgrimage site today.

“Follow the road. Finally, your fate is waiting.”

A long time ago, the Great Commander Heredur built a castle on this hill. Thus he severed ties with the dying empire and became the first king of Duria.

“Are there no heroes left? Or do they all sleep in their graves under Kingshill?”

Willuxshir to

A trip to the area around Kingshill takes passengers to places already forgotten in the shadow of time. Those who dare to enter this area can discover a lot.

“Always try to fire the fairies. Don’t try to control them.”

Drakensang Online YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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