Fortnite Battle Royale

Arguably the biggest game in recent years, Fornite: Battle Royale has come to Android. This survival game combines crafting and construction elements that are far from the usual gameplay of the previous Fornite games. Filled with action-packed combat, the game pits you and other online players against each other to see who stands at the end.  Jump into the game map, scavenge weapons, and build personal bases to defend yourself from relentless attacks.

Not Your Usual Battle Royale Game

Avid gamers will probably remember Fornite’s fondness for zombie invasions. In fact, the game was once a long-gestating game focused on defending makeshift bases from zombies. Fornite: Battle Royale, is the game’s attempt to hop into the trend. And fortunately, the game has not only made a name for its own but has surpassed not only its competitions but other game genres as well.

Fornite: Battle Royale is a spin-off of the epic co-op game, Fornite: Save the World. Battle Royale’s unique building mechanic is a holdover of the Save the World mode. By harvesting materials, like brick or wood, and with a trusty pickaxe, players will be able to build rudimentary structures to serve as their base. In case you wish to be out in the open, you can also create a wall to take cover behind. By being in the open, you can move easily to take out enemies. However, this will make you more susceptible to being taken out.

Being a battle royale-kind of a game, Fornite: Battle Royale is already cut above the rest of the Fornite franchise. But even compared to other game of similar gameplay, it is still not like any other. For one, one hundred players can play the game. May it be solo, duo, or in squads of four, players can leap into the game and try to outlive one another. As long as in the end, only one team wins.

If you are looking for a more battle royale-ish element, you will be happy to know that the weapons in the game are varied. From guns and grenades to ridiculous weapons that make enemies dance or turn their feet to blocks of ice, the variety of weapons that the game offers makes hunting for them a fun element.

Child-Friendly Graphics

In addition to its unique game mechanics, another thing that makes Fortnite: Battle Royale a standout game is its design. Both the characters and map are colorful, with a vibrancy that belies its tactical depth. Even though it is, in a sense, a shooting game, players will notice the lack of gore and blood. The whole thing is wrapped in a Dreamworks-esque shell making it more child-friendly.

This game personality is due to its map, which can be considered a hodgepodge of landscapes. From the urban skyscrapers of Tilted Towers to the oasis-like Paradise Palms, everything about Fortnite will remind you of a Saturday morning cartoon.

Fortnite: Battle Royale only has a single map. An annoying aspect if you are used to playing with games with multiple locations. Fortnite more than makes up for it in the form of seasonal updates and transformations which apply to all players. These changes mean that the meta is in a constant state of flux which may rile competitive players. However, this keeps millions checking the game to see the recent changes.

Be the Last Man Standing

Fortnite: Battle Royale is a game full of contradiction. However, these unexpected elements make the game more exciting to play. The cartoon-like graphical style adds a touch of humor to the apocalypse setting and complements the game’s tone. The variety of weapons and the lack of blood and gore also makes a unique contrast to the game’s battle royale mechanics. And while there are some issues with balance, there is still lots of frantic fun that the game offers.

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