Fotosizer – Batch Photo Sizing Program

Fotosizer – Batch Photo Sizing Program

You can use it to crop, resize or give a photo effect. The Fotosizer is free of charge. With this program, which is developed for collecting, sizing, stretching, inflating and mowing your pictures and photos, let’s explain what can be done and how the batch process is done.

The program is used free of charge You can ask for a license when you open the program, but you will understand that you will not need it if you have the text on that screen. If the existing features are enough for you, ie batch image processing features, you can continue with the free version. Let’s look at what we can do with the Fotosizer that offers 64 bit and 32 bit system support. The most commonly used feature of the program is the resizing feature, which makes it very simple to work in bulk or with a single image resizing photosizer. You can create a much more beautiful image by adding various effects to pictures. With Watermark feature, you can add images such as text or logo / images in bulk to pictures. When you use Watermark as text, you can use the editable font and color options.

How to Use the Photocell

Batch Photo Sizing

In the Fotosizer, you can perform all operations on the main screen. Let us first explain how to do batch photo resizing. Drag the files in the Home screen to this field, drag the images in our hand, or we can select them by clicking on them. Then select the Custom size from the profile selection section on the right and choose how much we want to shrink the pictures. Here is the most important place to pay attention to the width and height to give a percentage. If you want to reduce and resize pictures by half, you must make 50%.

After you have set all the sizing properties, we can start the sizing process by pressing the Start button located at the bottom right. At the end of the process, how many images were made and how much compression was done. How many MB size has been reduced, they will transfer the details to you. You can see where the photos are saved when you press the point where they open the target folder on this screen. A different sized size version is discarded without changing existing photos.

All of these features, as well as the right menu, you can see the batch image rotation, batch reversal, batch quality adjustment, batch image size reduction (in kb / mbb), Exif information copy jobs can be done with the standard.

Photosizer Usage Video:

Fotosizer – Batch Photo Sizing Program YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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