Free Image Convert and Resize – Image Conversion and Resizing

Image Conversion and Resizing

Even though it seems to be easy to process and convert image files between each other and it is easy to convert, this is becoming easier with Free Image Convert and Resize. In addition to converting image files between each other, you can also process them in batch with this program.

DvdVideoSoft’s Free Image Convert and Resize, which is among the most downloaded programs, is being presented with Turkish language support. Powerful translation features and image processing engine with JPG, PNG, PDF, TGA, BMP and GIF files are possible to translate between each other. Free Image Convert and Resize offers support from Windows 10 to all other versions, so you can safely rotate your pictures, for example, by reducing the size of your pictures by 50%.

Free Image Converting and Converting with Convert and Resize How To …

As we mentioned before, DvdVideoSoft is a software company that is easy to use and develops Turkish programs. Image Convert and Resize how to use the program, we will tell you about it as illustrated immediately.

The image of our program in the above way first, you can add pictures or multiple photos from the section that says Add a folder called pictures, let’s say you choose this folder, you can still batch process. After adding the images in the FS section on the right, the preview section will appear. Dimension in the submenu and convert from Pixels to Pixels will be reduced, reduced in percentage (such as 50% shrinkage), or in the section of the profile section will change according to ready templates. It is also possible to set where to save the images converted with Free Image Convert and Resize which helps us to change the image name in bulk.

As an alternative to this program you can also review the photosizer batch photo processing program.

Free Image Convert and Resize – Image Conversion and Resizing YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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