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GameLoop, the game cycle program, is the ideal tool to play the games you play on your mobile phone on your computer. GameLoop simulates the Android operating system and supports many game formats.



GameLoop is the Tencent Emulator that can be used to play mobile games on Laptops and PCs . Some of the most popular and popular games are PUBG, Mobile Legend, Free Fire, Chess Rush, Clash Royale and others.

Many advantages are achieved with Gameloop compared to mobile devices such as a larger monitor on the PC monitor, more focused and targeted shooting accuracy, easy to use, no delay and many other advantages .
Meanwhile, Tencent Games is one of the leading companies in the mobile gaming industry. This Android emulator is designed to enable only PC users to play these mobile games on their PCs and Laptops.
Gameloop is very easy to use with quick and easy installation. In addition, this application offers a number of settings and configurations that allow you to further personalize your gaming experience.

Using this software, you enjoy mobile games and the best games, and you have better control over the mouse-keyboard. With Gameloop you can play the mobile game on the computer .

In general, Gameloop is very popular, of course, with greater access to the Tencent Games.
The biggest obstacle when playing games on a mobile phone is the battery. With Gameloop you don’t have to worry about running out of battery, because you can play directly on your PC. Download Gameloop now for free and enjoy mobile games on your PC.

With GameLoop , you will continue the games you play on the mobile computer. The program also simulates the original Android operating system developed to allow Players to play PUBG Mobile games on the computer . As you know the developer of the program is Tencent Gaming Buddy . This program was developed to support mobile games played in various formats such as Free Fire, Ragnarok M, Chess Rush, St. Seiya: Awakening, Mobile Legends and many more popular games.

Currently, GameLoop is a program that is used to play PUBG Mobile games and is developed for you to play with the AOW Engine in a very stable way, which greatly reduces CPU operation.

Program features

It uses very little computer resources to run programs.
The program has many basic language options to choose from.
Free to use, you do not have to pay in any way to unlock special features.


Easy to install, Various settings can be made comfortably, The
program is updated periodically to improve performance and game performance.


When new patches are released in the game, PUBG Mobile will have to reload the map.
Low RAM is not suitable for low-performance computers, such as machines with less than 4 cores CPUs or graphics cards.
Sometimes you may encounter errors in the game.

Note: The program is a device that helps make the game easier. For security reasons, you should not fill the game with a player assistant or log in with an email with important player information.



GameLoop – Android Emulator YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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