Search Engine: ‘Seznam’, Most of You Don’t Know

Search Engine: ‘Seznam’, Most of You Don’t Know

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  • Search Engine: ‘Seznam’, Most of You Don’t Know

Search Engine: ‘Seznam’, Most of You Don’t Know

If you live outside the Czech Republic, you’ve probably never heard of a search engine called Seznam; but for many Czechs Seznam mean internet. In this content, we share with you the striking story of the Prague-based search engine, which for a time even challenged Google.
Seznam was founded in 1996 by Ivo Lukačovič as the first internet portal of the Czech Republic, then Czech Republic, with an investment of about 50,000 Czech groves (about $ 2,200). Seznam , which lists the country’s most popular websites and important news of the day in the first years of its launch , quickly influenced the Czech Republic.

This was two years before Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded Google in Palo Alto . Established in 1998, the US company dominated the global search market in its first 10 years ; but Seznam’s successful business model made him one of the few players on the market. Seznam also developed free services such as maps, email and price comparison.

Google became the market leader in 30 of the 31 countries in the European Economic Area (EEA ) when calendar sheets showed the year 2008 . What country was the only exception? Yes, that’s right, Czechia.

But the Czech search engine only lasted three more years of Google ‘s enormous power. EEA, American Internet giant in 2011, announced that Seznam’ı seat. The latest data from digital marketing agency Evisions shows that Google increased its share in the Czech market to 74 percent by the end of 2018 . This is almost three times that of Seznam’s 26 percent market share.

The defeat the Czech company has at home shows how impossible it is to compete with Google in the search market. Michal Feix, former CEO of Seznam, said that until 2010, Seznam gave Google superiority in the Czech Republic; however, after that date, the traffic from the desktop to mobile scrolls attention. The underlying factor behind this change was the pre-installed Google application on Android -based phones.

Stating that the search habits have changed radically with smartphones where the services under the roof of Google were already installed, Feix said, Sez This was a very complicated problem for Seznam. From that moment on, we have seen users begin to disappear from our radar . ”

Google also asked Android device manufacturers to pre-install the search app and Chrome browser. The company thus made it much more difficult for other small and medium-sized companies in the market to survive. Likewise, Seznam, Android applications , said the market monopolized Google said to the EU. Taking this into account, the European Commission imposed a record penalty of $ 4.7 billion in July 2018 on the grounds that Google has misused its dominant position in the market .

Of course, these and similar fines do not prevent Google from spending large amounts to maintain its dominance in the search engine market. Google’s rooftop company, Alphabet , paid 13.6 percent of its revenue from search services to other partners, such as Gmail and YouTube. These partners include mobile operators, software developers and device manufacturers. US technology giant, Google’s iPhone to be the default search engine in 2018, Apple paid $ 9.4 billion in full .



Search Engine: ‘Seznam’, Most of You Don’t Know YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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