GTA 5 Turkish Patch – GTA V 1.6.4 100% Full Translation

GTA is one of the first sites to come to mind in our country and managed to be one of the first works of the team GTAVTurk, 2 years after the study published the Turkish language patch for GTA 5. Let’s take a look at these innovations together with the bride GTA V Turkish patches are taking place as to what the fixes are.

Perfect Translation Perfect Crew = A Perfect GTA 5 Patch

Let’s briefly talk about the team before moving to the GTA Turkish patch file developed by the GTAVTurk team with great devotion. Team leaders Bora Çitim, Gökalp Yağmur and Serhat Yılmaz. In the technical infrastructure and programming part, there are 3 more people and their main task is to integrate the patch into GTA 5. On the other hand, a big team on the translation says hello to us. The translation from English to Turkish, which was prepared by a translation team of 9 people, was published with the approval of the patch and test team and it was really the best among the GTA 5 Turkish patches and 100% completed.

GTA 5 Patch Installation

It is possible to make the GTA 5 in Turkish in a very simple way. Open the GTAVTurk_TRYama_v1.6.4.rar file that is created by the team, such as Winrar, and run the GTAVTurk_setupv1.6.1.exe file.

In the first stage, this step will be passed to you in writing what will be installed in this step. In step 2, too many details about the content of the patch will be transferred to you, let’s move forward. In step 3, the developer names of the patch will be transferred to you. When you say in the last step, our patch will be active.

Warnings Related to Patch

If your GTA gets update on your game the patch will probably be deleted and you will have to reinstall it in this case.

If you want to make the game again in English, just remove the patch from the program.

GTA Online players will not play the patch file to prevent damage to the online game with the patch to prevent damage. If you are going to play in GTA 5 online mode you should remove the patch.

GTA V English You have to run the patch file and identify where the GTA 5 is installed. Otherwise, the game will not open with the GTA 5 shortcut.

GTA 5 Turkish Patch – GTA V 1.6.4 100% Full Translation YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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