iLok License Manager

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iLok License Manager

The PACE iLok can hold up to 500 software licenses from many manufacturers. You can use iLok-authorized software on any number of computers in different locations.

The iLok is a license key that allows you to take all your software licenses with you wherever you go. It will plug into a USB port on your computer. You only need a single iLok for up to 500 licenses. He is supported by many reputable software manufacturers.

It’s portable : You can use iLok-authorized software on any number of computers in different locations.
It is cross-platform : You can start a software on both OS X and Windows with the same iLok.
It’s comfortable : With the iLok License Manager from you can manage as many licenses as you like, download them to your iLok or transfer them between different iLoks. You only need one iLok for all supported programs.

ilok license manager icon ile ilgili görsel sonucu
He is sure : No more lost authorizations, just because the operating system, the hard drive or the whole computer fails. If it gets broken or lost, there is a standard procedure to get your replacement as soon as possible.
Where can I get that?
You get the ilok in numerous online stores or music stores in your area. Any music business that runs professional software will most likely also have the iLok on offer. The prices for our downloadable products already consider that the iLok is purchased separately.

How does this work?
After you have purchased a license, you will receive a code from us by email. Just follow the instructions in the email to redeem the code with the iLok License Manager:

If you do not have an iLok yet, get one .
If you do not have an account on , please make one. Download and install the iLok License Manager there.
With the iLok License Manager you can now redeem the code in a license. Plug the iLok into a USB port and simply drag the license onto the symbol of your iLok – done.
Your iLok is now ready to start the software on any computer.
With the iLok License Manager from you can manage your licenses at any time.

What exactly is my iLok User ID?
This is your login (username), which you chose when setting up the account on . You will be asked to provide this ID when checking out of our shop, so we can deliver your license to you. It’s definitely not the part number that’s glued on the iLok!

questions and answers
Q: Do I need an iLok for Harmony Navigator?
On a. Currently, only Synfire uses iLok authorization.

Q: I’d like to use the iLok for Harmony Navigator to be more agile. Is that possible?
A: Customers occasionally ask us about it, but for technical reasons we can not offer it at the moment.

Q: Is an iLok included with Synfire?
A: Not automatically, because many users already have one. For delivery by mail you have the option to order an iLok. But faster and cheaper is the download and purchase of the iLok at a specialized online retailer in your area.

Q: Do I have to own an iLok to set up an account on ?
On a. You can already set up an account there in advance and install the iLok License Manager while you wait for the delivery.

Q: Does my music computer need to be online?
On a. You can use the iLok License Manager to transfer the licenses to your iLok and use them on any other computer that is not connected to the Internet. Of course, you also need to install the iLok License Manager on your music computer. However, we recommend an online connection, at least temporarily, to make this process much easier, and also to import later updates.

Q: I already have other software with iLok support. Do I have to install new drivers?
A: You should definitely install the latest version of iLok License Manager. It is compatible with previous versions and products of PACE.

Q: What do I do if the iLok stops working?
A: Please make sure the iLok is plugged into a working USB port and the blue light is on. Try a different USB port as well. For more information in this case please visit .

Q: What do I do if I lose my iLok?
A: If you are absolutely sure that you will not be able to find your iLok, you can get a replacement. The prerequisites can be found on .

Q: I’ve read critical reviews of the iLok and I’m skeptical.
A: Aircraft crash. Nevertheless, they are the safest means of transport at all. The iLok successfully manages millions of licenses worldwide. The vast majority of users are satisfied. With such a large number, it is inevitable that individual reports emerge and the Internet does the rest to make a lasting impression. Watch the Date: Most problems have been resolved for a long time. The iLok works really well.

Why we chose the iLok

The iLok is currently the most comfortable and reliable copy protection for high quality software. It offers many advantages to our professional customers. Most of them already own one or more of them anyway.

Cognitone is aware of the controversial discussion about copy protection. We have made great efforts to think about creative alternatives and do so again and again. Unfortunately, recent years have shown that a loose licensing policy only works for mass-produced products with a very long reach.

In broadband Internet piracy is a serious threat to the survival of small manufacturers. Since our market is very small and the development is very time-consuming, we would not be able to cope with the scatter losses due to piracy. It is our declared goal to always provide the best and most advanced software for music prototyping. We would like to thank all honest customers who support us in this project and accept the small amount of copy protection.


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