ImgBurn – Free and Turkish CD-DVD Writing Program

For those looking for a free and useful CD / DVD burning program, ImgBurn stands out with its Turkish language support.

Offering CD / HD DVD / Blu-Ray and DVD burning support, ImgBurn can be used in 5 different modes. Especially for those who want to create a boot-supported CD or DVD operating system for those who want to write on a DVD that offers a very easy to use program BIN, ISO, DVD, MDS, NRG, DI and PDI, so you can recognize many different file extensions so that backups on disks so you It’s becoming easy. ImgBurn over the image file or folder to write on the disk in a way you want to write very easy to choose the program’s main screen, drag or select files with your work methods to choose the files and the speed of writing what should be written to the disk after the end of the process, whatever the process whether you want to wait until the program or programimo definitions can be made. In particular, the written data files are verified by the absence of any missing control of the quality of the program once again reveals.

To make ImgBurn Turkish, the producers of the program have created an additional software, you can download the file (english.lng) where the program is installed in C: / ProgramFiles / ImgBurn / Languages ​​and under the menu in the Tools menu, select the Turkish language.

Program Version: ImgBurn

ImgBurn – Free and Turkish CD-DVD Writing Program YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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