Daily Conversations in English 1.0

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Daily Conversations in English 1.0
On the street, tea time, dinner, clothing shopping, groceries, butcher, grocery store, book store, watchmaker, photographer, travel agency, automobile journey, train station, ship travel, bus terminal, taxi, subway, hotel, restaurant, city trip includes thousands of sentences and translations of daily conversations in the beauty salon, barber, cinema, theater, watching television, skiing, beach, playing tennis, pharmacy, dentist, doctor’s office, telephone conversations and bank. • 37,000 words in English-Turkish. • 34,000 words in Turkish-English dictionary. • We tried to contribute to the learning of English by trying to translate the English or Turkish text at the top of the screen into the box just below the statements. • When clicking the mouse on the line that is being translated in the upper box, the option Translate Sentence is displayed on the bottom right. At the same time, the first letters of the clicked word are written in the search box in the lower left corner. • By selecting Search in dictionary, the meaning of the word typed in the search box can be reached. • Translate Text option to display the translation of the active English sentence. In this way, it can be checked whether the translation is done correctly. • Previous and next recordings can be accessed with options with Right and Left arrows. • By selecting the question mark option, you can reach the subject in English. This section provides information about what method should be followed when learning English. • With the Search word option, the desired word or phrase can be searched in all entries. • By selecting the icon with the open book icon, the detailed information of the dictionary section can be displayed. • By selecting the hourglass option, exercises can be done to fill the gaps in the sentence. • By selecting the Speaker icon option, you can listen to the English pronunciation of the sentence that was previously clicked. (This feature is available for Windows XP users. The program does this using the speech program in the Control Panel.) • Turkish – English option can be selected to translate from Turkish to English. When this option is selected, the dictionary section becomes a Turkish-English dictionary.

Daily Conversations in English 1.0 YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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