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Insync is a handy program that provides offline access to your cloud files by adding a Google Drive and OneDrive folder to the file explorer .

Insync is an application that allows you to manage Google Docs. The way it works is very similar to the popular Dropbox . Immediately after installation, link the app to your Google account. There is a folder in your service where we place the files we prefer and their contents are instantly synchronized to the cloud.

The advantage of Insync over the competition is that it has full control over public key receivers. The client also allows you to create several accounts on one computer.

The manufacturer has also performed a quick synchronization of selected files. All you need to do is right-click the file in the insync directory and select Share. This is not limited to the Insync directory, because you can quickly synchronize each file anywhere on the disk. Converting Google Docs to Microsoft Office formats has greatly simplified the editing of the document.

How to Install Insync

1. Log in to Google Drive or OneDrive by typing your username and password.

Insync ‘i download and install on your PC. After installing the program, you will be prompted to sign in via Google Drive or OneDrive.

2. Synchronize your files with Selective Sync 2.0

Use Local Selive Sync to synchronize any local file and folder to the cloud. Use Cloud Selective Sync to synchronize any cloud file and folder to your desktop.

3. Access Google Drive and OneDrive in Windows Explorer.

Synchronized files are safely stored in your Basic Folder in the file explorer.

This version includes a 15-day trial of Insync.




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