LG PC Suite 5.3

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PC Suite; allows users to establish a wired connection between the phone and the computer and transfer the information contained in the calendar and contacts to computer applications (Outlook, etc.). Easily manage your photos, videos, and music.
By downloading and installing the PC suite:

You can update your phone software.
Manage your photo, video and music
You can synchronize the contacts in the contacts and the information in the calendar with your computer.

Thanks to the LG PC Suite 5, we can control our LG phones from our computer with the help of cable.
LG PC Suite is a mobile device management program that can be used on our computers running Windows. Thanks to this program offered completely free of charge, we can edit the calendar, names, photos, videos and music in our device without any problems.

When we open the program, we see a regular and easy-to-understand interface. As soon as we connect our phone, we can see the model through the panel. After this stage, we can complete the necessary operations by using the buttons on the screen.

By clicking on the auto-match option on the screen, we are able to back up our data each time we connect our device. In addition, in case of any updates to the software, we can still make this update through the program.

If you are using a LG device and are looking for a comprehensive program to manage your device, make sure to try the PC Suite made by LG itself.


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