Logo Report Viewer – Open LVF Files Program

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Logo Report Viewer – LVF Files Opening Program

Logo, which is among the most used ERP programs of today, can open LVF extension reports with its Logo Report Viewer program . Again, these reports received over the logo, so that the person you want to use the logo can see even from their own computer. These programs LVF files for ni pdf to flip you can perform.

Logo Report Viewer supports Turkish and English languages ​​and asks you which language to install before installation. Forward After installing the program Forward, you can easily open and share the LVF extension reports generated by Logo . If you look at the use of the program all the operations can be done from the top menu. The Pause and Play keys allow you to refresh and stop the report screen. Mail sign report next to them allows you to send your mail with your default mail program. While using the far right arrows to switch between pages on the Report Viewer screen, you can enlarge the report in either percentage or expand the length and width of the icons with square arrows.


Logo Report Viewer – Open LVF Files Program YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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Malabadi köprüsü
Malabadi köprüsü

LVF uzantılı dosyaları açmak için ideal program budur.

ebru taşderen
ebru taşderen

Bu program ile LVF uzantılı raporları artık açabiliyorum açabiliyorum. Teşekkürler