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ManicTime is free and powerful software to monitor user activities at home or at work. The application is characterized by a modern and legible interface, Polish program support and great possibilities when checking the traces of computer use.

Using ManicTime , we can easily read the full uptime of every running application, document and other system services. ManicTime displays and saves data in the form of readable graphics that can be viewed at any time and can read tracking results. It accurately registers when a particular service or application on your computer is started and disabled.

ManicTime saves your data on your hard drive. Obtaining from monitoring your own database does not require an internet connection and can be used offline. Using statistics, we can check which apps we use the most and which websites we browse. ManicTime is an extremely useful program for a company, school or even home. It can also be used for parental controls.


To use the program in the free version (Standard), you must select the appropriate option when you first start ManicTime .

ManicTime is available for free, but it has many limitations compared to the trial version and commercial versions. For example, the option to keep time records is disabled, stopwatch, folders, protection password and tag editing are blocked. Advanced search and backup planning has been closed.



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