McAfee Stinger

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McAfee Stinger



Virus removal software that scans directories that are not in use and detects possible malware.

With McAfee Labs Stinger (formerly McAfee Avert Stinger) you can detect certain and common viruses. It doesn’t give you complete antivirus protection, it only lets you find specific viruses.

It does not provide real-time protection, and is useful for removing major viruses, such as other portable cleaning tools.

User comments

“Although I use an antivirus that provides complete protection on my computer, I occasionally download and scan the cleaning tools from different security companies. I raised.

Since I’m a little careful about computer security, I check the task manageri in the meantime. a few days after scanning, I came across something called afe mcafee validation trust protection service de. I realized that it was set up with stinger without my request. no information was made during the establishment. When I right-click go to the process, I had another shock when system32 was opened directly. I tried to stop, I’ve encountered a denied warning. desperately add programs to remove the program ran, but the product is already established because there is no portable, there also could not find the form. In the meantime, this process was also eating a considerable amount of ram. After researching how to remove it from the internet, I came across this article:

It turned out to be ”extremely difficult to remove dosya and was installed without the user’s permission. to remove it you either need to use mcafee’s self-cleaning tool ki who knows what else it is installing while you uninstall it ya or you have to do a system restore. “




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