Metin 2

Metin2 is one of the most popular game in Turkey. The dragon god’s breath has long protected the kingdoms of Shinsoo, Chunjo and Jinno. But the fascinating world of this magic is now a big threat. Metin Stones not only caused deep wounds on the continent, but dragged him and his inhabitants into chaos and destruction. There was war between the kingdoms. Predatory animals to the wild beast, the dead turned into bloodthirsty creatures. Battle against the dark effects of the Text Stones as an ally of the Dragon God. Gather your strength and sword to save your kingdom from a future full of fear, pain and destruction!


Oriental Characters and Architecture in the Fantasy-Empire of the Far East Martial Arts
Pass through the realistic villages of the Far East and let the atmosphere of Asian warriors dazzle you. Soon you will not only fight swords and bow, but you will also learn to use the power of Bells and Fans.

Smart creatures will attack you in groups
You can inflict heavy damage on multiple monsters at once. But be careful: when a monster is defeated, the others won’t let go. You should be especially careful around the Text Stones!

Create a powerful guild or become a member and take full control of your empire.
As a member of a guild, the results of the Guild Wars will affect all members and the guild itself. You have to fight for one of the rare bunkers. As the power of the guild increases, the chances of using the Non-Player Characters in your bunker and training them to be more useful will increase.

Fight with other empires in the middle of the continent.
In battles with you, you will fight against players from other empires to control the continent. The winners will receive money and land empire. In addition to a higher military rank, you will earn Fame and Honor and lead other guild members in future battles.

Cave of Exile
Initially, the three divine brothers kept the components of life in balance: Bahar-Taraji, the goddess of creation, and her brothers Baljit-Elvedin, the goddess of protection, and Beran-Setaou, the defeated god. People worshiped the first two and feared the third. That’s why Beran-Setaou’s jealousy has grown for hundreds of years, turning into hatred and hatred. Finally, Beran-Setaou’s anger grew so great that he killed his beloved sister.


The death of the goddess had devastating consequences. A long and violent winter ravaged the Human World. But the gods also suffer. When Beran-Setaou became aware of his evil, he struck himself to loneliness. His brother, Baljit-Elvedin, mourned his sister for a long time before embarking on a search for Beran-Setaou. When he found him, a very violent war broke out between the two brothers, the winning side. However, Baljit-Elvedin was able to seal the cave and return to the Human World. Since then, he has held his protective hand above the invincible Earth, which belongs to no dark force, and all life forms there.

Only a few know the cave, later known as the Exile Cave. The ones who know it, keep it as a secret for themselves. The Dark Dragon rules the underworld and its inhabitants. He is still full of hatred for all living things. They can attack with magic from a distance.

As a result of their need for these abilities, they can strengthen attack spells or gain additional support spells.



In the Metin2 game Shinsoo-Empire is located in the southern part of the continent. The most important activities are trade.

It was founded by Yoon-Yoing as a result of a commercial agreement with the east after the dissolution of the old empire. Shinsoo is experiencing disagreements with western empires and the trade path can be full of dangers. When they realized the danger of the Metin Stones, they were armed in the merchants. Aims: To protect themselves against attacks from the west, reopen the trade path and reunite the old empire at their will.

Jinno Empire
The Jinno-Empire is located in the eastern part of the continent. This Empire was founded based on military power and its people are aggressive and warrior.

The leader of the Jinno-Empire is Ee-Ryoong, son of the last emperor. He believes he can reunite the old empire with his military power.

Fears about the meaning and effects of the Metin Stones were formally ignored. However, in his secret thoughts, Ee-Ryoong seeks ways to use the deadly power of the Text Stones to realize his plans.

In Metin2, the Chunjo-Empire is located in the western part of the continent. It is a theocratic empire controlled by spiritual leaders.

It was founded by Yoon-Young, a cousin of the former emperor. Yoon-Young used the help of his wife’s enormous magical powers to discover the danger of the Text Stones. Again and again against Text Stones

proposed a search for a solution against the United States, but was ignored each time. Eventually he led a rebellious brotherhood against the old empire. After the deposition of the former emperor, Chunjo was still at war with the Eastern and Southern empires.

Aims: To take control of the entire continent and prevent the growing power of the Text Stones.


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