Movavi Screen Recorder 10.4.0

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Movavi Screen Recorder is lightweight yet powerful video recording software for Windows PC that lets you capture streaming video and music from websites, save Skype calls, and preserve other screen recordings. For Webinars, streaming media, video chats, ,ideo blog posts and How-tos/tutorials you can try Movavi Screen Capture Studio!

Capturing video from your computer screen doesn’t need extra hardware or complex software. With Movavi Screen Recorder, you can capture any type of screen activity and save the results any popular format: MOV, AVI, MP4, MP3, and GIF. Online video and audio, Skype chats with friends, program tutorials – anything can be recorded in high-quality at 60fps.

You can record any online video regardless when it’s playing – just set the timer and schedule the computer to shut down after it finishes recording. Want to make a program tutorial? Include cursor movements and keyboard actions in your screencast for a more effective result! Record your own voice, system sounds, or everything at once. Save the recording in any format, or upload it directly to your YouTube channel – just sign into your account from within the program.

Screen Recorder enables you to save whatever you see on your screen and use it for:

  • Record webinars, online tutorials, and other educational videos
  • Delete unwanted sections from any video
  • Save recordings for viewing on a computer or mobile device
  • Replay captured videos at any time
  • Capture short clips from websites
  • Save movies and TV series to watch anytime
  • Extract music from video, record internet radio
  • Remove ads and other unwanted content
  • Need to record your gameplay? Try Movavi Game Recorder
  • Record video chats with friends and family
  • Show, don’t tell: use videoclips and screenshots instead of wordy explanations
  • Use screen recordings to demonstrate bugs and glitches to tech support

Note: 7 days trial version. In demo version, captures 120-second long clips and watermark on the processed video.

Movavi Screen Recorder 10.4.0 YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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