Online Soccer Manager

Online Soccer Manager is a browser-based manager game where you can be the coach of your favorite football team. You can join the leagues by starting the game and selecting one of the local or foreign teams or you can create your own league with your friends. As a football manager you must decide which line is best suited to your squad or buy football players that match your favorite lineup. Make sure you play your players in the best positions and win the championship!

By following the current transfers, you can add the most suitable fuybolcular to your squad according to your budget and increase their performance by inserting them into the training room. With its simple interface and easy-to-use OSM mobile versions, you can manage your team anywhere.

Online Soccer Manager

You can get your own stadium in the game you can customize the stadium as you want. You can hire a spy to learn the tactics of your opponents and surprise your opponents by doing secret training for your players.

In OSM, where the season system takes place, the statistics are reset in each new season and a new team is allowed to start the new season.

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