Pano2VR 6.1.2

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Panel2VR 6.1.2

Pano2VR 6 is an application that converts spherical or cylindrical images of panoramas into Flash, HTML5 or QTVR formats. The program allows you to change skins, create gigapixel panoramas, hotspots and direction sounds. The program supports many different input formats, including a skin editor, audio editor, input image editor, and various conversion effects.

The most important functions of Pano2VR 6 are:

Image formats – support for plain, cylindrical, spherical, T-shaped, cross-shaped and grid images
Input formats – JPG, PNG, TIFF, BigTIGG, Photoshop PSD / PFB, OpenEXR, Radiance HDR and QuickTime VR. Pano2VR
pathtool tool – Pano2VR , select the field in the panorama has the input images of the editing capabilities by exporting your graphics program
Exterior view editor – Own your buttons, your graphics, hotspots and your ability to change the view of the panorama player virtual travel by adding your map
Sound editor – Pano2VR , the panorama of the ability to add your own voice features – in the background, 3D oriented sounds in space
Export to Flash – export all panorama to 1 file in Flash 10 format because it is easily accessible and easily published Export to
HTML5 – allow you to play panorama on any device that supports this standard, such as iPhone, iPad, or modern browsers, using WebGL and CSS3 3D transformations
Export to QuickTime VR – Cylindrical and cubic panoramas, automatic rotation, speed and delay change, track preview etc.
What’s new in Pano2VR 6:

New interface with the ability to personalize the layout
Animation editor to create self-reproducing panoramas
Auto link when using geotagging for trips
New powerful skin editing tools
Support for video tours
New Render Engine
Audio and video transitions
Pano2VR license is available in 3 different ways:

Commercial –
EDU for commercial applications – for educational institutions





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