PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Demo

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PES Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 Demo

PES 2013 is at the top of the football games category with its built-in intelligence, comprehensive control mechanism and a completely revised tactical display.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 has a well-deserved popularity in the football games category and is one of the most popular games for football fans. Always compared to FIFA, the PES series was overshadowed by its dynamics and inadequate artificial intelligence, and could not achieve the desired success. So, with the 2013 version, has PES become better than FIFA, or will it continue to be a regular in the second place?

This game covering the 2012-2013 season of the PES series designed by Konami was announced on April 18, 2012 and presented to the fans with a promotional video published on April 24, 2012.

Christiano Ronaldo was the cover star of PES 2013, which was released on July 25, 2012, just three months after the announcement . PES 2013 is a unique game in many ways. Developed visuals, control mechanism and sound effects take the realistic atmosphere of the game to a higher level than ever before. Not only with visuals and sound effects, this realism is enriched by the reactions of the players. In particular, we see a lot of work on the reactions of defenders and goalkeepers.

In football games with sloppy designs, especially goalkeepers and defenders are sometimes absurd and weird. The movements of these players and the way they intervene in the ball must be very smooth and smooth in order not to disturb the overall quality of the game. Konami seems to have worked a lot on PES 2013 because all the reactions are very realistic.

The artificial intelligence in the game seems to have come a long way compared to the versions left behind. When the players meet the ball, their team mates are waiting for a pass and they are making strategic moves to eliminate the opponents.

One of the most important features of the Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is the control mechanism that allows us to fully control rust and shots. Unfortunately, in previous PES versions, many of them were performed automatically and players were not given much control. Now, players can even decide the intensity of the ball, control a player with the push of a button and steer the ball as they wish. Konami this control mechanism PES Full Control ( PES Full Control ) gives the name.

Players’ dynamics of receiving the ball are among the details that have been developed. Now, instead of taking the ball directly to our feet, we can pass the defender by gently venting or directing him to our team mate. Here, players are given excellent freedom.

There has been a lot of improvement in the discipline of dribbling. During dribbling, players can make different moves and pass the opponents with special strings. We have a special situation here. If there is a star player under our control, we can perform movements specific to that player while strutting. Obviously, such details give players a more exclusive and unique experience.

In the past, PES games were considered a few clicks behind the FIFAs in terms of quality and game dynamics. However, in PES 2013, all these deficiencies have been solved and a very refined and fluent gaming experience has been created. To admit, it looks much more extensive than the tactical screen we saw in FIFA . Of course, it is inevitable that it is so comprehensive. If we don’t have enough time for tactics, we can leave the field with frustration. And even if we chose a team full of stars! For this reason, we should adjust our tactics according to the general playing logic of our team and use our players efficiently.

Now, let’s talk about the referees. Old versions of the referees in this game do not come across the stunts. The referees made the quality of the referees go down as if they were going for a run on the beach or showing the red card even if we touched the player’s hair. In PES 2013, the referees received their shares from the artificial intelligence developed. Of course they’re still not perfect, but they’ve come a long way compared to previous versions. It seems that Konami needs to make more effort.

The most important question players will ask ‘PES or FIFA?’ It will be. Obviously, tight FIFA fans don’t have much reason to switch to PES, as many of the innovations introduced in PES have already been around for a long time. However, PES players who want to switch to FIFA will definitely retain their loyalty after these innovations.



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