RaidCall 8.2.0

RaidCall is a free audio conference and chat program that makes it easy for individuals or online players to communicate with each other for similar purposes.

Low system requirements
Ability to lift up to 10,000 people in groups at the same time
High quality sound all over the world
Audio recorder, survey, announcement, event recording, etc.
Share files and screenshots
Personalize the theme and emotion icons
Social media integrations
Moderation system
Important Notes: You do not need to download any patch to use RaidCall English. In the Settings section, you can activate the Turkish option from the Languages section.

Raidcall is software for voice communication with minimal delay for players in online games. The software allows you to search, create and fully customize your own groups with specific interests. Raidcall includes voice recording, voting, ad writing and video streaming functionality from popular services, and replace text messages or files. The software allows you to search and join the community, sync accounts with Facebook, and invite friends. Main features:
High quality voice communication with minimal delay
Searches and creates groups
Replace text messages and files
Interaction with Facebook


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