RogueKiller is an anti-malware program that can detect and remove malware, rootkits, cheats and worms. RogueKiller is a full offline setup installer.

Based on the general ways to find malware in classic malware protection analyzes and undocumented attacks based on their behavior, this software can detect and remove most of the malware (trojans, tricks…) and some of its advanced elements, eliminating threats such as ZeroAccess or TDSS. is a program to help remove.

RogueKiller is a small anti-malware software written by a small team, and therefore new detections are based on the most common threats. The software reacts quickly to Detection and Removal.
Here’s what Rogue Killer can do:

Deletes malicious transactions.
Stop malicious services
Remove malicious DLLs from processes
Finds and deletes malicious hidden processes
Finds and removes malicious auto-start entries, including: Registry keys (RUN / RUN,…), Task Scheduler (1.0 / 2.0), and Startup folders

Read / Repair DNS Hijacks (DNS Fix button)
Proxy Hijacks Read / Fix Proxy Fix button
Read / Fix Hosts Hijacks (Hosts Fix button)
Restore hidden shortcuts / files with “fake HDD” type tricks
Reads / corrects malicious Master Boot Record (MBR), even if hidden behind root set
SSDT – Shadow SSDT – IRP Hooks listing (even with sequential hooks)
Locate and restore patched / fake system files by a rootkit

McAfee Stinger is an independent utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. It does not replace complete antivirus, it is a special tool to help administrators and users deal with an infected system. Listed details of new or improved signatures added with each Stinger collection.

McAfee Stinger uses next-generation scanning technology, including rootkit scanning and scan performance optimizations. Detects and removes threats identified in the “Threat List” option under Advanced menu options in Stinger.

Note: Unregistered version has limited availability.


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