You Can Own Iphone 11 By Working Only 5 Days.

You Can Own Iphone 11 By Working Only 5 Days.

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  • You Can Own Iphone 11 By Working Only 5 Days.

How Many Days Should You Work For You To Have Iphone 11?


The official price of Iphone 11, Iphone 11 Pro and Iphone 11 Pro Max, announced on September 10, will be sold on October 18 in our country. You should try to get 11 Iphone few days in Turkey and other countries in the world?


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Here’s the answer …

For the first time Apple’s smartphone series Iphone, according to the market will be sold in Turkey from such a low selling price. Of course, compared to two years ago, it is still expensive due to exchange rate changes and tax hikes, but it is very affordable compared to the expected price.

Despite being so convenient monthly net salary £ 2500 per person in Turkey, Apple’s latest smartphone without spending days without food or drink ever have to work to get the 87.1. If he wants to get this minimum wage, he will have to work 89.1 days. You can understand that without any other expenditure during the average 3 months, you can collect all your salary and only have 1 iPhone 11 64 GB.

IPhone 11 GB 64 The starting price of £ 7.299 and 3.500 TL in Turkey called tax state is reached. This figure almost doubles the time it takes to get the Iphone 11. However, Apple has set a more favorable price compared to last year, reduced working time 6-7 days.

Iphone 11 prices compared to the average salary information in other countries, the statistics are as follows.
How many other days do you need to work to buy iPhone 11 64 GB in other countries?

iphone 11 index

List Iphone in most countries studied for having 11 Turkey # 3 ranking. Iphone 11 is the most working country for Ukraine with 96.7 days. 2nd place in Colombia with 89.7 days. This research received £ 2593 monthly average basis at 89.1 working days in Turkey Iphone seems you can have 11.

The country that requires the least work for an Iphone 11 is Switzerland with 4.8 days. You can own an Iphone by working only 4.8 days in this country. The second country that requires the least amount of work is 5.8 days in the USA and only 6.7 days in the third country Luxembourg.

There are many things that affect this purchasing power. There are factors such as minimum wage and national income per capita.

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You Can Own Iphone 11 By Working Only 5 Days. YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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