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The self-proclaimed “leader in online 3D modeling and slicing software”, SelfCAD packages the complete design-to-print workflow in one neatly presented bundle. At its core SelfCAD features a robust 3D modeling application that allows for the design of complex and 3D printable objects.

An intuitive GUI and TinkerCAD-level of simplicity in the way tools work and manipulate your designs mean that virtually anyone can dive in and start creating. And you can also load in a flat image to serve as a template to your workings, so a reference is always at hand.

But perhaps the defining proficiency of SelfCAD as free 3D modeling software is its ability to prepare models for 3D printing, even taking the job as far as slicing and piping the g-code directly to your computer. A host of predefined RepRap 3D printers are available from a drop down, but you can enter the specifications for any not included.

All this from any web-browser you point at the SelfCAD website. Not too shabby.



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