Smart Defrag – Defragmentation and Disk Performance Improvement Software

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Smart Defrag – Defragmentation and Disk Performance Improvement Software


By combining your drive with Smart Defrag , you can achieve higher efficiency from your hard drive. IObit SmartDefrag also offers the possibility of automatic merging. Automatic defragmentation automatically defragments the file system when the computer is idle. Helps your computer deliver the highest speed and best performance, avoiding excessive fragmentation. The SmartDefrag program offers Turkish language support. The settings menu also offers enough options. It also supports and accelerates Windows 8 / 8.1 Metro Applications with its new version.

Smart Defrag is a free defragmentation program that helps users get the most out of their hard drives connected to their computers and includes many useful additional features for computer acceleration, optimization and maintenance.

The hard drives connected to our computers write the data to a certain area and use these fields to read the written data. As you upload files to our computer, these used data write areas become scattered and therefore access to searched files takes a little longer. If you are archiving your computer or if you have files that you have been using for a long time, such files can reduce your disk performance. With Smart Defrag , you can keep your disk performance down and your computer from turning on and off late.

Smart Defrag basically saves disk space overwritten files from their scattered form and gathers them together, making them easier and faster to access when needed. Thanks to the software you can make the most of your hardware.

In addition to defragmenting your hard disk, Smart Defrag can also perform disk cleaning and can detect and delete garbage files that slow down your computer. So you can effortlessly free up disk space and get rid of the elements that slow down your disk.

Smart Defrag is able to consolidate Metro applications for Windows 8.1 users, allowing you to access them faster.  Smart Defrag is easy and understandable.



Smart Defrag – Defragmentation and Disk Performance Improvement Software YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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