Teknoses 1.6

Teknoses TTS Turkish Speech Synthesis Software. You can listen to your documents, e-books, internet sites without reading. You can listen to all other applications such as navigation applications, news applications, etc.

Listen to documents, electronic books, web sites and homework from your computer with Teknoses’ technology of converting text to human voice.

Create MP3, Listen on the Road
Quickly Convert Documents to MP3 File. Install on your mobile phone or handheld. Listen on the go.

Instant Read with Table Top Voice Recorder
While surfing the web, you saw a long story. Teknosesin desktop speaker is always ready on the table.
Alt + Click to start reading the text immediately.
With the Desktop Speaker, you can read your Word, PDF and similar files without having to copy and paste.

Make E Books Audio Books
Turn eBooks into Audio Books with Teknoses Free Text Reading Program

Listen to your documents, e-books.
Listen to Web Sites.
Convert Text to MP3 File Listen on the journey.
One-click read without copy and paste with Desktop Speaker.


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