UDE – Uyap Document Editor

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UDE – Uyap Document Editor


You can open and edit .udf files that you cannot open in UYAP Citizen Portal with UDE Uyap Document Editor.


UDE Uyap document editor, which is a document editor on its name, is a word processing text editing program such as Word from microsoft office programs. If you have a civil case or a criminal case opened against you, administrative lawsuits, enforcement files, enforcement law, enforcement penalties, criminal case files … in short, if you have a court file for the follow-up of most of us the citizens of the UYAP system integrated into the use of VATANDAŞ PORTAL We use.


“https://vatandas.uyap.gov.tr/main/vatandas/giris.jsp”  accessed through this link in the citizen portal sometimes have difficulty opening some documents. Especially large files direct us to download the citizen portal. However, most of the files we download are in .udf format and do not open in office or similar programs. The reason is that these files were created in UYAP. When you download Uyap Document Editor now, you will be able to open all .udf files. In addition, lawyers also UYAP Lawyer PortalMost of the petitions and documents created in .udf format. With UDE, you will now be able to open petitions and documents you receive from your lawyers in digital form. 

With the UYAP document editor , you can not only read documents from UYAP portals but also edit them. So you can use UYAP Document Editor as your office programs. All writing, editing and writing operations can be done with UDE Uyap Document Editor . UDE is a handy writing program that makes writing and editing text much easier.

You can download and edit the .udf files by downloading Uyap document editor immediately from the download button. .



UDE – Uyap Document Editor YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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