USB Flash Memory HDD Encryption Program – Rohos Mini Drive

Rohos Mini Drive – USB Flash Memory HDD Encryption Program

With unrivaled programs, Rohos has created many different programs such as computer opening, disk decoding, login tools with face recognition technology. Now we offer you the program is free of charge, as well as usefulness comes to the fore. Our program, called Rohos Mini Drive, allows us to encrypt usb flash memory and store the files in it easily and reliably. In our completely free program, privacy and encryption are kept at the upper levels.

If you list what you can do with Rohos Mini Drive;

  1. The program allows us to create encrypted partitions on USB Flash Drive and USB Hard Drive / HDD.
  2. Encrypted partitions cannot be opened in any way and uses AES 256-bit encryption security.
  3. You can access the folder by entering your password without requiring installation on another computer.
  4. You can virtualize your files.
  5. You can encrypt files of all sizes up to 8 GB.
  6. Fully Turkish English Language Support
USB Flash Memory HDD Encryption Program – Rohos Mini Drive YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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