Warface Turkey – Turkish (Online Battle Game)

The Warface game, which was developed by Crytek and has everything in Turkish from its voice over to its writings, was sold to My.com last year because of Crytek’s circumstances. especially the Turkish users Warface Warface contemplating how they will play after this stage of Turkey servers continued to work on the Crytek. In the first game with Warface you download from our site, you can log in to the server in a very comfortable way to Turkey.

What is Warface? How to play? What is the subject?

Warface, which is in the category of Multiplayer FPS games, uses the Cry Engine which is used in Crysis and although it is very high quality, it can be played in high quality even in low systems. There are 4 different classes in the game: Infantry, Engineer, Paramedic and Sniper. You can choose a character when you start the game. You cannot change this character in any way and it is not possible to change your username again. The only thing that can be changed is the Infantry, Engineer, Paramedic and Sniper characters that we have just mentioned, and each class has its own special abilities.


The infantry has its own special weapons, and the biggest plus is that he and his teammates can do rounds in the game….


The most important feature of the engineer class is that they can beat the armor of their teammates and lay mines in various places. Especially in the PVP category sabotage games are characterized by rapid bombing and decoding capabilities.


As understood by the word Medik, paramedic is a must in a team. As a paramedic, you can renew the lives of your teammates and you can revive your dead teammates by resuscitating them with a shock device in order to revive them. Paramedics are close combat masters with pump rifles.


The guns in the game are sniper weapons. As in other classes, they have no special abilities, but they can shoot the enemy from the farthest point.

Warface Game Modes

Warface has three modes of play, PVE PVP and Operation.

With PVE you can complete the battle with the team in the previously prepared area.

The maps included in the PVP include 4 and 11 episodes of games.

In Operation, you have about 1 / 1.5 hour missions and when you enter these places as a team, you are trying to seize various regions and you are trying to kill enemies within the framework of the task you are given.

As a result

Warface cheaters are expelled from the game in the same way the same way blasphemy and so on. In case of complaint, your account can be closed, so we strongly advise you to play the game with respect. Various awards and VIP memberships are offered for those who will be playing Warface for the first time. If you want to combine war games with an online game Warface is an excellent game without alternatives.

Not: Oyunu indirdikten sonra Gface Launcher yaklaşık 3 GB’lık bir dosya indirmeye başlayacak buna istinaden oyunu oynayamaya başlayacaksınız.

Warface Turkey – Turkish (Online Battle Game) YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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