Winamp 5.666 Turkish Mp3 and Media Player

Winamp, which is one of the most used programs in the world by mp3 and media viewers, is a program that continuously improves itself with years of experience that has managed to maintain its popularity among mp3 and multimedia player programs.

With Winamp program, almost all media files can be opened easily. You can open many media files from mp3 files to wav audio files, mpeg files to avi and dat files with Winamp. Although the program is often used by many users for the purpose of listening to music ie mp3, there are also different features.

One of these features is video surveillance. You can watch a video file of your choice either from your computer’s hard disk or your media drive. In addition, thanks to the support of internet radio broadcasting over the internet radio channels also offers the ability to listen.

With its easy user interface and improved and optimized Turkish support, you can easily adjust the settings of Winamp program and use it according to your wishes. You can change the program with different developers while offering color options according to the taste of the user. With the equalizer options it supports for sound, you can enhance your music taste by making a nice ear-setting. If you want to do with this process with Winamp program by selecting the music files you want to make a list with the name you want to save this list, you can open and listen to these lists at any time. This allows you to listen to multiple music playlists at any time. The program can convert music CDs to Mp3, AAC, Wav and Wma formats and save them to disk.
With theme support, you can choose a theme according to your heart and show your style. In the program, you can reduce the size of the playlist or video window or its own home screen to the size you want to see. You can also play the tracks you want while in the playlist and play them one after the other. In addition, if you plan to listen to the music files in the playlist if you have an internet connection offers you album covers.

The program, which was offered to us free of charge until 2014 despite all the features described, is no longer officially offered in 2014. We do not deprive you of a program with such beautiful features continue to offer the difference with the adult forum.

Winamp 5.666 Turkish Mp3 and Media Player YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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