Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Compared: Here is the Best Performance Operating System

Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Compared: Here is the Best Performance Operating System

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  • Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Compared: Here is the Best Performance Operating System

Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Compared: Here is the Best Performance Operating System

Experts compared the three most popular operating systems used by end consumers. As a result of tests comparing Windows 10, Ubuntu 19.10 and macOS 10.15, no one expected anything.

Operating systems are of great importance in technological products such as smartphones or computers. Because the operating mechanics of these systems can offer consumers a different performance even if the same hardware is used. Not surprisingly, the consumers, they use the operating system they wonder what the difference compared to other operating systems and the operating system which offers the best performance.

Now, the world’s three most popular operating systems, Windows 10, Ubuntu (Linux-based) and Apple’s MacOS operating systems were compared. Benchmarks were made on a single computer , and operating systems were met across more than 80 criteria . Let’s first look at the characteristics of the computer used in the tests and then the performance test results.

The test team used a MacBook Pro to compare all three operating systems . This MacBook Pro had an Intel Core i7-6700HQ Skylake processor, 2 8 GB RAM, 250 GB Apple SSD and AMD Radeon Pro 450 graphics card. The operating systems had the latest updates , and after the end of a test, the MacBook Pro was formatted. Windows 10, Ubuntu 19.10 and macOS 10.15 operating systems were used in the tests.

In the tests performed by experts , criteria such as game performances , graphic performances, internet browser performances, software development performances of all three operating systems were compared . As a result of the comparisons made, the expert team reached a final conclusion which operating system provides better performance.

Note: The team used different test platforms to perform the test operations. This means that the test results are extremely reliable.

Here are the results of the tests

The first performance criteria that the team tested were games . Predictably , the gaming performance of Windows 10 is much better than both macOS and Ubuntu. Dota 2, one of the most popular games in the world, was followed by Ubuntu in Windows 10. MacOS came last in game performance.

The second important criterion in the test was the overall graphics performance . The results showed interesting differences in this criterion. In the multi-sphere stage of the test, Windows provided better performance, while macOS in the production of two-dimensional Java images, Ubuntu in the production of images and rendering vectors showed better results. Windows did not show the expected effect.

In the case of internet browsers, the test team compared the two most popular browsers in the world. The best performance in the use of Firefox once gave macOS . Ubuntu is far behind its competitors in the use of the Firefox browser. In the use of Google Chrome, Windows 10 has managed to outperform its competitors many times. Second in Google Chrome performance, sometimes MacOS and Ubuntu.

The final result after all these tests was that Ubuntu 19.10 was the highest performance operating system. Ubuntu 19.10 turned out to be 16,993 points. Windows 10 achieved 15,522 points in the average, while macOS received 13,121 points as a result of these tests.

Arithmetic average of the tests performed at work


If you take the geometric average of all benchmark results, Windows 10 has an 18% advantage over MacOS 10.15 Catalina. Meanwhile, Ubuntu 19.10 gave 29.5% advantage on Apple macOS and 9% on Windows 10 for these tests from the same MacBook Pro.

MacOS achieved the best performance in Firefox web browser criteria, and the results in Google Chrome were Windows. While Windows 10 made some gains in game tests and other specific workloads, Ubuntu 19.10 showed the best under heavy CPU / system benchmarks and was the best of the test.

And as a result of this test by Phoronix, the ranking was as follows:

1- Ubuntu 19.10

2- Windows 10

3- MacOS 10.15


Windows, macOS and Ubuntu Compared: Here is the Best Performance Operating System YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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