Windows USB / DVD Download Tool – ISO File to USB Disk and DVD Burning Program

Nowadays, products such as CD, DVD are no longer used, so Windows installations are now made via USB flash drives. For the last 2 years, Microsoft has begun to send a USB installation disk instead of a DVD to Windows 10 box license. So we have an ISO windows installation file, how to save it to USB disk, how to run this issue is the Windows USB / DVD Download Tool helps us.

Microsoft’s open source software development platform on CodePlex with this program to write ISO files to a USB disk or DVD is really child’s play. If you want to create a bootable disk and set up with usb and Windows, you can easily format your computer by following the setup and usage steps. Developed in 2009, this application has been downloaded by more than 30 million people and one of my most preferred ISO file writing programs. You can also download the ISO with the ISO 10 ISO download program that you have previously shared with you.

How to Use Windows USB / DVD Download Tool

As we mentioned, after downloading this program, which is really very simple and useful, open the zip file with Winrar or similar program and run the Windows7-USB-DVD-Download-Tool-Installer-en-US.exe file. Go through the installation steps next and then run the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool added to your start menu.

We need to select the ISO file in the Source file section of the screen. Click Browse and select the ISO file in the program. Then proceed to step 2 by saying Next, it asks us the type of media to be written. If we are going to print a windows iso file to a USB stick, we should select a USB device or a DVD if we are going to burn to a DVD. Let’s continue to use as USB Device since there is not much DVD usage. Depending on the type of ISO file you will install the USB flash disk size 4 GB minimum must be at least if you will install Windows 10 will give an error below 4 GB.

In the last step, we will ask us to choose a USB device, if you have more than one flash disk or a memory card installed, it is useful to be careful because the disk to which the ison will be written will be formatted and the data will be deleted.

With the Begib copying key, our USB Windows installation will start to be completed between 3 and 5 minutes depending on the computer speed and ISO size.

To format the USB to Windows, all you need to do is start the computer with Flash memory in the boot settings. Nowadays, many computers are opening the boot menu by pressing the F9 key and selecting the Flash disk, you can start the Windows installation with the Windows USB / DVD Download Tool.

Windows USB / DVD Download Tool – ISO File to USB Disk and DVD Burning Program BENZER İÇERİKLER
Windows USB / DVD Download Tool – ISO File to USB Disk and DVD Burning Program YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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