How to play YouTube’videos in the background

How to play YouTube’videos in the background

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  • How to play YouTube’videos in the background

Thousands of new videos are uploaded daily to YouTube, the world’s largest video network. However, as you know, YouTube videos cannot be played in the background on smartphones. When you open any video in the YouTube app, the videos are interrupted as soon as you exit the app.

In fact, YouTube has a feature where you can play videos in the background or listen to music when the screen is off. However, the company offers this feature only to users with a paid subscription to YouTube Premium.


What you need to do is to play YouTube videos in the background for free and to listen to music from YouTube even when your phone’s screen is off;

We’ll talk about how we can use YouTube in the background video play that it offers to users for a fee.

YouTube, the world’s largest video platform, has a paid membership system called premium, but this system is not available in our country. This paid system offers some features to the users, further enhancing the user experience. Here are a few features YouTube offers premium users:

Remove ads on YouTube
Full access to YouTube’s music app
Video monitoring in the background

As you know, when you open any video from YouTube on smartphones, the video cannot be played after exiting the application. However, there is a simple way to use the free background video playback, which is normally offered to users for a fee.

First, enter your internet browser on your smartphone and go to YouTube’.com.
Now you’ll see the mobile version of youtube. here we will take advantage of the desktop site feature found in almost every browser.
After activating the desktop site from the menu above, YouTube’s computer version will appear in your mix. later
Open and play the video you want to watch. Then, when you return to the home screen, you’ll see the video paused.
To access the video you opened.
Scroll down the notification panel and tap the play button.
That’s it
Now either close the phone screen or navigate through your apps.
Videos you open from YouTube will continue to play in the background.


How to play YouTube’videos in the background YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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