Mitsubishi Electric developed the world’s first cyber attack algorithm

Mitsubishi Electric developed the world’s first cyber attack algorithm

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  • Mitsubishi Electric developed the world’s first cyber attack algorithm

Security technology for sensors used in cars, manufacturing plants, drones and much more is finding cyber attacks.

The increasing availability of sensor-based automatic control in everyday applications such as drones, in-car devices and production facilities increases the need for cyber security measures. For measurement,

Although the existing sensor fusion algorithms, which combine a large number of sensors, play a key role in automatic control, the security performance of these algorithms cannot be proven in any way. Due to the complexity of the existing algorithms and the difficulty of creating an evaluation environment, it is not proven that the algorithms are actually resistant to attacks, and under which circumstances the attacks can be relatively easily accomplished. Mitsubishi Electric, which aims to develop a solution for this critical issue in today’s digital world, has developed a sensor safety technology that detects inconsistencies in sensor measurements during cyber attacks and is believed to be the first in the world in this regard.

The development of the new algorithm was partially supported by a special unit assigned by the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) of the Japan National Research and Development Agency. The development of the technology, which is aimed to be put on sale as of 2020, continues.


Mitsubishi Electric’s new algorithm identifies cyber attacks based on inconsistencies exceeding 42 percent in measurement data.

For example, in ultrasonic attacks targeting drones, two separate calculations are made using the gravitational force of the earth or gravity sensor fusion algorithm, and the difference between the two results is considered inconsistency. In this algorithm, cyber attacks are considered compass, gyroscope and accelerometer used in automatic control of drones. It is detected based on inconsistencies between measurements taken from various sensors such as. Since the intermediate functions calculated by the sensor function algorithm are used, the calculation speed and the accuracy of the sensor measurements are not compromised.


Mitsubishi Electric also created an advanced evaluation environment that applies abnormal signals to individual sensors of each drone, such as a compass, gyroscope, and accelerometer, as well as multiple sensors simultaneously. Thanks to this environment, Mitsubishi Electric confirmed that there are significant differences between the problems caused by natural physical phenomena and the measurement inconsistencies caused by cyber attacks. The new sensor security technology is also of great advantage because it can be implemented in existing sensor signal processing circuits at low cost with additional software without the need for any hardware addition or modification.

Mitsubishi Electric developed the world’s first cyber attack algorithm YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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