Samsung Smart Switch Mobile

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Software update, data backup, data transfer program for Samsung phones
Samsung Smart Switch, software installation for Samsung Galaxy phone users – update, data backup, fast data transfer program.

Samsung Smart Switch, which can be used for data transfer from the old phone to the new phone, backing up all contents of the phone (contacts, messages, notes, photos and videos and other) to the computer, data synchronization between devices for contacts and calendar, software update, compatible with all Windows and Mac it works.

When you connect your phone to your computer via cable, Backup, Restore and Synchronization options appear. When a new software update is released for your device, the Update alert appears immediately above these options. If no software update is available, your phone’s information (model name, number, Android version, internal and SD card space) is displayed. You can also browse the contents of your device by clicking the folder next to the internal memory.

Samsung Smart Switch Features:

Samsung phone backup
Samsung phone update
Samsung phone software installation
Samsung phone software update
Back up Samsung phone data
Samsung phone data transfer
Transfer data from the old phone to the new phone
Transfer contacts from old phone to new phone
Transfer SMS from old phone to new phone
Transfer pictures and videos from the old phone to the new phone

Samsung Smart Switch Mobile YAPILAN YORUMLAR

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