Smarty Uninstaller Pro 4.9.5

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Smarty Uninstaller Pro


Smarty Uninstaller is a good tool that saves your computer from unwanted software, especially programs that cannot be deleted and have remnants. Although the Windows Uninstaller that shipped with your operating system removes many applications, it is difficult to uninstall some programs. That’s why Smarty Uninstaller Pro is perfect for these difficult programs.


Deeper scraping: This program runs the uninstaller that came with the application you were trying to uninstall first. But at the time, many file managers interfere with processing, but this makes the program work even deeper. After the uninstall process is finished, it will search your computer for the associated files remaining from this uninstalled application and allow you to delete them. You can also use the Lifting Force feature to eliminate particularly difficult applications .

Snapshot file: If this application works when you install a new program, you can use the Snapshot Installation tool to monitor the installation process itself. This includes keeping track of the changes the new application makes to your system, including changes to files on your Hard Disk or in the Windows Registry, so that the program can then be uninstalled without running its own uninstaller.

Inexperienced User Hazard: Due to very deep wiping, this application can be dangerous in the hands of inexperienced users. Some of the files it brings back in relation to an uninstalled application are files that are actually shared by other programs that you want to keep, and deleting them will cause them to stop working. However, as this is not a problem for experienced users, experienced users can easily use this software.

Smarty Uninstaller Pro is a powerful option to get rid of unwanted applications on your Windows computer. New users may find it difficult to determine which files to remove and in some cases what to drop, but in general the application is a good choice for most people.



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