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BORABORA, developed and published by the local game company Marvy Games, is an MMOFPS game consisting entirely of Turkish content. BORA named for elite soldiers, consisting of special consisting of Turkish troops and the enemy country of mercenaries G.A.B (Secret Agents Association) in the struggle between subject areas games founded to stop the development of Turkey’s defense industry would be included in their struggle against the plan.

BORA promises that no pay and win fiction will take place. Stating that there will be completely special weapons and maps BORA’ya developer team, players to continue their past experience of the popular maps and weapons will be included in the game announced similar.


Story of the Game;

Turkey, the Turkish Armed Forces is to reduce external dependence has shown great rise in the national defense industry begins to have the right to speak, his message was all too clear to other states:

Kart You can’t deal cards without me ”

Western states, who felt the greatness of the challenge in their message, applied their greatest strategies and their most valuable trumps to the field. The priority target of this formation, which they call G.A.B (Secret Agent Union) on behalf of them, was the Turkish engineers who had achieved great successes in the defense industry.

When Calendars Show 2006, organized by the operation in Turkey’s defense industry G.A.B also possible that he dropped the threat of successful engineers, Turkey was continuing at full throttle indigenization policy. After all these years, those who think that G.A.B has withdrawn into seclusion; One of the latest national productions, the Bora-12 sniper rifle, one of the engineers involved in the tests reported that they had the most horrific error.

Measures had to be taken, if necessary, and for this to be established in the depths of history, for centuries the most fearless, the most skilled warriors had to emerge a distinguished union.

Coincidence that the name of the union was the same as the production that fired the wick of this great collision. Before the storm, the silence was over, and BORA was now preparing for a new storm.


Kimler Neler Demiş?

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