Wolfteam, first launched in 2009, is an MMOFPS game about the struggle of werewolves and humans. 100% Turkish home voice interface having a completely custom character and game content such as maps to Turkey are also included.

Turkey’s oldest heritage and attracting the world’s attention Göbeklitepe map of all taking place in WOLFTEAM still prepared to win the appreciation of the Turkish players Perdition & Ezell, Yigit including Turkish characters such as Iron.

There are many different characters that you can play in the game about the struggle of humans and wolves and new characters continue to be added among them. In the game you play as a human character at any time you want a wolf or in other words you have the chance to convert to wolf man. Each character has its own unique characteristics, both in human and werewolf form, as well as the distinctive and distinctive characteristics of the character classes.

Some of the characters in Wolfteam

Resurrection Characters: With the innovation made in 2016, the more powerful characters of the current generations were presented to the appreciation of the player.

Fire Resurrection
Gunpowder Resurrection
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Marien Resurrection

1st Generation Characters:

Adriana Tenorio
Angela Mao
Christopher Smith
Pedro Gomes

2nd Generation Characters:

Marien Arnault
Reinhard Schneider
Lin Meiling
Hamadah Bin Shabah

3. Generation Characters:

Tomita Yasuko
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Illude Vaganova Ivanov
Geremi Song

4. Generation Characters:

Sarah Linda
Alexsandro Del Riccardo
Kate Blume
Matt Baker
Simon Bolivar

5. Generation Characters:

Vanessa Furtado
Megan Savante
Hans Müller
Seif Al Haq

6. Generation Characters:

Jacy Brewster
James Douglas
Rose Fox
Sahale Mora

Wolfteam, which now includes 266 Different Characters from 9 generations, continues to expand its player base thanks to the activities and innovations that it holds, as well as to retain its own audience.

While playing as a human being in the game you have the advantage of different weapons and ammunition against the wolves in front of the wolves as well as being physically weaker than the wolves because you are facing a very difficult moments in case of a wolf can have quite difficult. On the contrary, even when you turn into a wolf, you have the advantages of running faster, climbing walls and being stronger, but the snipers in the form of human beings that are quite far away from you can annoy you.

Wolfteam Rank System:

Thanks to its rank system, the game algorithm that matches the players close to each other as a skill during battles allows both players to play the game in a more enjoyable way and to be more motivated to jump in rank. Within the system of rank ranging from volunteer military to command, there are different ranks within each class. A total of 73 ranks in the game in order to take place in the top rankings to enter too many battles and opponents every time you say you need to beat the place.

Wolfteam Game Modes:

Apart from the characters and rank system in the game, one of the most outstanding features of the game is the total 6 different gameplay modes. These; Influx of wolves mode, invasion mode, death game mode, wolf hunt mode, sleep mode and destruction mode. In addition, there are a total of close to 20 side modes. Unlike ordinary FPS games, WolfTeam has a game mode that can attract any player’s attention, thus succeeding in leaving many opponents behind.

In addition to all these, there are many different maps and the players also have many different weapons and ammunition that they can use to play with human characters. By completing the tasks in the game, they can reach different weapons and ammunition, and thanks to the in-game purchase system, they offer players a very free play and diversity.

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